To the editor:

We The People’s (WTP) investigations of the “Troopergate Scandals” and cover-ups of nuclear safety concerns by NextEra Energy and by the NRC are now in the hands of the FBI.

These same issues I personally gave to Gov. Charlie Baker on four occasions, which he has chosen to ignore to protect his future political aspirations.

Baker didn’t utter a word when the NRC extended Seabrook’s operating license to 2050. For every day our governor continues to cover up the gag orders on the Massachusetts State Police and on the New Hampshire National Guard, he is jeopardizing the safety of citizens of the Seacoast and beyond.

State troopers are restricted from having any opinion and are not allowed to testify whether they believe a Seabrook nuclear plant evacuation plan can be implemented safety and timely.

State troopers are livid every time Baker points out corruption by a few staties but slow to praise the 99% who on a daily basis protect and serve us all.

The Boston Herald and The Boston Globe continue to publish negative articles about state police but have neglected to investigate the gag orders or counterfeit substandard nuclear parts still built in all U.S. plants, including Seabrook. Why is that?

I believe it is because of what is revealed in Patric Kerouac’s article titled, “Who Owns the Media? Who Owns Reuters? Who Owns the AP?” The media and nuclear holdings of Westinghouse and General Electric will shock you.

Patric notes, “Should we waterboard the media until they tell us the truth?” Part of the “Journalist’s Creed” said that suppression of the news, “for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible and a violation of the public trust.”

On Oct. 18, 2017, WTP’s nuclear concerns were brought to Attorney General Maura Healey’s four-member legal team which Maura set up to investigate WTP’s issues.

This team was made up of her chief of staff and former campaign director (now working on the Warren campaign), Mike Firestone; policy director, deputy chief of policy and government division, Alicia Rebello Pradas; Assistant Attorney General Seth Scofield; and paralegal Sarah Young.

It appears to WTP and others, since meeting with Healey’s team, their investigations are at a standstill. What is more disappointing even though eight Massachusetts and New Hampshire cities and towns, Sen. Tarr, Rep. Hill and New Hampshire Rep. Schmidt have endorsed WTP’s call for the NRC to hold a hearing for first responders.

Baker, Healey, MEMA, FEMA and the NRC have yet to endorse WTP’s call for this hearing. This irresponsive lack of action is what precisely prompted me to meet with the FBI, who seems to be paying attention. 

Stephen B. Comley Sr.


The letter writer is founder of We The People and a Republican candidate for president.

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