To the editor:

Since Florence made landfall at the border of North and South Carolinas, where the Brunswick nuclear plant sits on the Cape Fear River, those of us with our neighbor, Seabrook nuclear plant, sitting almost in the marsh, and at sea level, are sure thankful this hurricane did not get to us.

In my July letter about the so-called “evacuation plan,” we got as far as the reception (decontamination) centers.

When schools are in session, if there is a dire accident at the plant, the “plan” calls for students to be sent by bus to their respective destinations. However, originally teachers were to be “conscripted” to go with the students by bus, as parents/guardians were directed in the “plan” not to pick them up.

A 1987 New Hampshire Superior Court rules against “conscription of teachers,” and stated “... the state should consider the probability that it will have to provide assistance to school children should an evacuation become necessary.”

Instead of addressing this problem, which was also brought to the attention of Gov. John Lynch in a letter dated March 21, 2011, by Seabrook Middle School teacher Dianne Dunfey and 47 other faculty/school staff, a semantic alteration of the “plan” was the only step taken. It now delegates responsibility for the evacuation of thousands of schoolchildren to school officials.

These people are not identified.

The letter states, “...This is an alarming discrepancy.” It also states, “As professionals with a responsibility to advocate for the children in our care, we submit this appeal to you.”

The hurricane season lasts through November, and, then, winter with its more and more severe and unpredictable tides raging will be upon us.

We not only do not know who will care for our children, but no sort of a drill is being conducted. If Stephen B. Comley Sr. and We The People’s whistleblowers are right, we, and our children are in big trouble if a severe accident should occur at Seabrook.

The gag order, which has been placed on the Massachusetts State Police, and the New Hampshire National Guard, so that these public servants do not discuss the evacuation plan with the residents, still hampers the effort to obtain a safe and timely plan.

The requested hearing of first responders would show us where we, and our children, stand.

Roberta C. Pevear

Exeter, N.H.

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