To the editor:

In response to the Jan. 1 letter from a Byfield resident, it confuses me that someone who does not live in my neighborhood would criticize those who do and I find that far from “a neighborly spirit.”

Her criticism of myself and my neighbors choosing to buy a home close to a major highway — separated by a well-wooded area, I might add — seems to come from someone unfamiliar of the neighborhood and unfair to say the least.

Some people in town chose to raise their children on the corner of busy Main Street, where cars flit by well past the posted speed limit. Those of us in this neighborhood chose a narrow, residential dead-end street, which is exactly why it would have been wise for any young businessperson to consider the reasonableness of buying a piece of property at the end of the dead-end road — mere yards from the major highway.

I have lived in my home for over 55 years, raised four children and have visiting grandchildren. None of them have ever wandered out to the highway.

We did, however, have an 8-month-old purebred Labrador retriever escape his kennel run and make it across the highway — something to consider for those using the business at the end of Downfall Road.

Joanne M. Hogan


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