To the editor:

It is inconceivable what planet Brian Durkin is from (Letter to the editor, Dec. 9).

His erroneous point that the Trump children are being attacked while, actually, they are benefiting financially from their father’s position. It’s Trump who’s going after Joe Biden’s son which has gotten him into his impeachment situation when he solicited help from Ukraine to investigate the Bidens before authorizing the release of congressionally approved funds to deter Russian aggression.

By all things right in this democracy, which is eroded daily by this incompetent person occupying the White House, he will be gone by October.

Try and find a leader worldwide other than fascist dictators who think that the present occupant of the White House is intelligent and has fortitude. Mr. Durkin apparently hasn’t been aware that he chose to believe Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence agencies.

Or that he helped another fascist, Turkish President Erdogan, move into Syria and murder many Kurds who have always helped us and been our friends. These deaths are directly attributed to the person in the White House. They laugh at us worldwide and can’t believe a thing this president says because he is unintelligent and changes his mind after speaking to the “next person.” It is piteous for the rest of us.

The president has now lied to the public over 10,000 times; maybe he is too vacant to understand that. He has not acted on background checks for guns and this country sees so much death because of the failed policies and ownership of our reps by the NRA.

He is attempting to take away a woman’s right to choose. He paid a porn star hush money, and disparages women generally. He mocks handicapped people and he is an out and out racist.

Does Mr. Durkin identify with any of the above, which is just a smattering of that man’s offenses? Or maybe he identifies with the recent minutes-long woe is me that the flushers and low drip of water in the White House is really a problem. I hope that Mr. Durkin is a multimillionaire as those are the only people benefiting from the president’s policies. And where is that wall?

Many of his sycophants are indicted and in jail, with more to come.

Bill Barr and Mike Pompeo are a total disgrace to our government and should be removed from office. Barr should be disbarred immediately.

I question strongly the appetite for this kind of disgrace to our republic. He must be removed.

Sandra Brown


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