To the editor:

Today, I met a candidate for mayor of Amesbury who actually got me excited to vote on Nov. 5.

Kassandra Gove has been the director of Amesbury’s Chamber of Commerce for the past five years and is a lifelong Amesbury resident who cares deeply about our community.

Through her work with the Chamber of Commerce, she has been deeply engaged with both the business community and city government to bring programs and initiatives to the city that support investment and growth.

In talking to voters at a Meet the Candidate gathering this afternoon, she talked about the importance of building and maintaining relationships throughout the Merrimack Valley in order to promote our city.

She discussed her frustration with the current mayor’s management approach, which is often dismissive of perceived “outsiders” and has resulted in alienating potential investors.

She was clear in articulating the need for new leadership that will embrace transparency, engage in meaningful dialogue with voters about school investment, public space, and economic growth and find creative solutions to keep our growing community thriving.

I urge my fellow Amesbury voters to get to know Ms. Gove and get yourselves to the preliminary election on Sept. 17.

Jennifer Meagher 


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