To the editor:

I was disappointed by The Daily News coverage (Saturday, Aug. 10) of the recent accidental shooting at a Salisbury gun range.

Almost all of the front-page coverage addressed the police chief’s comments about the shooting, including his concerns about the danger of someone without “any training, an FID card, a license to carry” being able to rent a gun at the range.

It wasn’t until I read the rest of the story (on Page 7) that I learned the woman who accidentally shot herself in the wrist had a license to carry and was using her own gun.

My problem with the newspaper’s coverage has nothing to do with my personal stance on guns. Nor is it a comment on the wisdom/safety of allowing untrained people to rent guns (which apparently was not a factor in this incident). I object to the misleading way The Daily News presented the facts in this story.

The front-page coverage of this story would lead a reader to believe the individual involved was not a licensed gun owner with whatever training is required to obtain such a license.

I believe a newspaper has an obligation not only to present the facts, but to do so in a manner which is not misleading. The Daily News failed in this regard in reporting this story.

By deferring information about this individual’s gun license status to Page 7, the paper left the wrong impression with any reader who only read the front-page coverage.

Graham Campbell


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