To the editor:

A letter to James Kelcourse:

You can’t go to a KKK cross burning and claim to be there for the marshmallows. Our moderate Massachusetts Republican legislators seem to be roasting marshmallows in this time of Trump Republicanism.

Throwing your hands up and hiding behind the declaration of “I’m not a Trump Republican” while making s’mores is no longer an acceptable excuse.

Mr. Kelcourse has become a marshmallow eater. In his failure to actively and loudly oppose Trump, he by default supports the Trump agenda. There is no middle ground, no fence to straddle upon.

Kelcourse’s website touts he supports the issues of education and jobs. By his account, a nice moderate Massachusetts Republican.

His dead silence when Republicans attack family health care, climate change, racial inequality, and the wholesale dismantling of the environmental protections is nothing more than total acquiescence to Trump. As a Republican, Kelcourse does not have a lesser responsibility to speak out against the Trump extremism but more responsibility.

Mr. Kelcourse, you should be screaming from the rooftops of the Republican Party when Trump stabs our Kurdish allies in the back. What do we hear when Republicans deny systemic racism? – silence.

When Trump declares POWs and MIA veterans “losers” and “suckers” – silence. When tens of thousands die as Trump calls COVID-19 a hoax – silence.

When toddlers are torn from their mothers’ arms and locked in cages – silence. When Trump attempts to scare “suburban housewives” that “low-income housing would invade their neighborhood” – silence.

James Kelcourse, we gave you a pulpit from which to champion good and condemn evil. You squandered that. In this season of darkness, you chose instead to be silent. To watch but turn your back. To deny you should do anything when history commanded otherwise.

Instead of standing up and fighting for what is right, you decided it was politically expedient not to upset your right-wing conservative base. You hoped voters would keep their blinders on and forgive you should those blinders fall. They fell in the spring of 2020.

As a moderate Republican, you claim to want to bring the party back to the middle. You are doing nothing to achieve this. You hide from the most pressing issues when standing tall is the order of the day. You roast marshmallows when our national values are being burned like kindling.

Mr. Kelcourse’s reelection does not depend on the minority Republican voters but on the votes of our Democrats and independents who make up the majority. The choice is simple.

Do we support Kelcourse who has shown for four years that he tacitly supports Trumpism or do we support Amber Hewitt and take our step toward building a better world?

I suggest we not support Amber Hewitt silently but call it from the rooftops.

Thomas McCarty


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