To the editor:

Many of us know that if we continue the rate we are using fossil fuels, the small changes that we see today, such as rising sea levels, air pollution and extreme storms, will become catastrophic in the coming years if we do not act now.

The use of dirty fossil fuels creates more pollution in the air and destroys part of the lining of our lungs. This should be alarming, especially now, as it puts everyone at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 among other respiratory diseases.

Our generation will see the worst effects of climate change, and we can’t wait any longer before a plan is in place to begin to lessen the effects. The solution: Using renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and water. They are lower in cost, always readily available, and do not create negative effects like fossil fuels.

I am a student at UMass Amherst and am currently interning for the MASSPIRG Students this summer, working with peers to promote The Act for 100% Renewable Energy (H. 2836, sponsored by Marjorie Decker and Sean Garballey).

This act will set the commonwealth up to eliminate all fossil fuels for transportation, heating and electricity as quickly as possible, and allow for us to become greener and reduce our carbon footprint.

I am urging House Speaker Bob DeLeo and Energy Committee Chair Tom Golden to push this bill forward so that it can become a law before July 31, the end of this legislative session.

By supporting the Decker/Garballey Act for 100% Renewable Energy, they will be seen as champions in our health and our climate.

Julia Sousa


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