To the editor:

Saying thank you doesn't seem to be enough. I would like to thank all our volunteers who show up every week and get the job done with a smile on their face.

Well, at least I think they are smiling. We all wear masks. Thank you to the community who has so generously sent in donations to purchase food. In three weeks, I wrote over 70 thank-you notes.

Amazing how giving you all are. We have had to change our operations a little to keep everyone safe. We have gone paperless and do many, many more home deliveries.

Sue McKittrick, Pennies for Poverty, and Kailey Burke, Nourishing the North Shore, and Irene Troy have helped us with this process. We may only be open on Fridays but that means a whole week of organizing to get the doors open.

I printed off our volunteer list the other day and it was four pages long. Each volunteer has their own special job. I would like to thank my founding partner at the pantry, Jane Merrow, we need the money to order the food but it is Jane who is up at midnight online hunting for the best deal through the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Their supply has been less lately and Jane does a fantastic job getting all the food we need. We fed 583 different households in April. If those families got food each week, four Fridays, then that's actually 2,332 families who got fed in just the month of April.

I could go on. As I said, "Saying thank you doesn't seem to be enough."  We will continue on this course. Everyone stay safe and well. I am so proud of our small pantry.

Great job everyone!

Susan Boccuzzo

First Parish Church of Newbury Community Food Pantry

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