To the editor:

Sisters We Three on Pleasant Street Newburyport is closing. I know many people in the area will miss the artisans store that has been run by the three sisters for 10 years and who now are retiring.

I have been working there for five years, enjoying meeting the tourists, local customers and artisans that have come through our door.

It has been a joy working for the three sisters; they are truly wonderful people to work for and with. They are people who truly care about not only the customers and artisans, but also the people who work for them and have been flexible and understanding of the many challenges that can come up in our lives. We have shared many joys and even a few tears with each other over the years. It’s no surprise that the thing most exchanged in the store is hugs and people who previously worked for the sisters often pop in for a visit. I can only wish for others to have such deep respect and love for their employers as I do for them because of the environment they provide by being the people they are. I never had sisters but working there I felt like I did.

Kat Couree



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