To the editor:

At our Sept. 9 meeting, the City Council faced the unhappy task of replacing Gregory Earls, who recently resigned his seat.

We were disappointed when Greg resigned, as he has been a steadfast leader for nearly two decades who always placed the public interest ahead of political considerations. We will all miss Greg, and we wish him the best.

The purpose of this letter is to publicly thank the six highly qualified residents who volunteered to serve out the remaining four months of his term. We selected Jim McCauley, and I'm confident that Jim will get up to speed quickly and serve the city well.

On behalf of the City Council, I also want to thank Ed Cameron, Bob Cronin, Rob Germinara, Hazem Mahmoud and Tom Salemi for their expression of interest in this position. Newburyport is fortunate to have such distinguished residents willing to take on the demanding task of governing our city.

Serving on the council is often gratifying. But, face it, it’s also hard work.

I hope you will thank these candidates when you see them. They deserve thanks from all of us.

Barry Connell


The letter writer is president of the Newburyport City Council.


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