To the editor:

This letter was initiated by witnessing much of the West Coast in an orange glow at noon.

The smoke this week was to travel more than 3,000 miles across our Northern states on the jet stream to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where sunsets would be more "colorful" than ever.

Coincidentally, I was preparing a short sermon at Atria, Assisted Living for my virtual weekly message. I was utilizing a sermon from over 40 years ago by Pastor Ray Farness, a friend and golf partner. His theme was "America the Beautiful."

"We have polluted our spacious skies, the amber waves of grain, the purple mountain majesties. We have befouled our alabaster cities with a pallor of brown smoke and our shining seas have become saturated with industrial waste and oil spills."

Phillip Duffy, a noted climatologist, stated in the San Francisco Chronicle, "People ask me if this is the new norm? I always say, 'No! It's going to get worse!'"

And it has!

Robert D. Campbell


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