To the editor:

We are political people, not for the sake of being political, but because we believe deeply in community participation.

So much so that the concept of “community” was literally built into our wedding ceremony. We asked two close friends to speak about it who, like us, are committed to social justice and community engagement.

It is fair to say we watch and participate in the things around us. We try hard to not just lob complaints but match that with a willingness to lend a hand. Volunteerism is another a central theme for us. We believe we are collectively better when we work together.

We are looking for a mayor with a similar mindset, someone who is humble, a good communicator, a collaborator and who can take feedback (not as a source of critique, but to improve one’s own thinking).

Practically speaking, we want someone who will go to the Statehouse and fight for more money for our schools, one who will attend all school budget meetings, a person that will share their thinking and engage in constructive dialogue with appointed and elected committees in the open.

We want someone who believes in the power of government and respects our public workers. Who does not see them as asking for too much, inherently corrupt, “part of the problem,” or not “business” enough. A person who respects people and doesn’t use a newspaper to bludgeon perceived foes or club their own staff for the sake of looking tough.

We’re looking for a person that does holistic city/school planning (even if we can’t fund everything all at once). A person who will sweat the details and be more proactive than reactive. Ideally, the person can share success, acknowledge those where credit belongs, and have an ego that can handle it when things don’t go their way.

While each person has thoughts about what they want in a mayor and there is a reality in that Amesbury has limited money, we will base our vote not on pie-in-the-sky spending dreams, but rather on the character of the leader for our community.

We have come to know Kassandra Gove and we believe she is the best candidate for this moment. Kassandra is smart, motivated and has community in her blood. She will do what’s best for Amesbury and its people because she starts from a place of optimism.

She is not trying to be the “sheriff in town,” but rather the ambassador for everything that is great and wonderful about our little city and we are confident that she would create an atmosphere of empowerment and positivity that can be and should be infectious.

Jonathan and Amy Sherwood


The letter writers are a former city councilor and former School Committee member. 

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