To the editor:

The sum $18 billion is a lot to spend to fortify our coastline (Daily News, June 20), but we stand to lose much more if we don’t take action now to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Extreme weather conditions, warming waters and coastal erosion will devastate Newburyport and our neighboring coastal communities and significantly impact our economy if we don’t take the threat seriously.

By increasing our investments in renewable energy, we can reduce our carbon emissions that are contributing to rising sea levels and reap economic benefits that can help fund our state’s efforts to prepare and protect our coastlines for the future.

We already know that the clean energy sector can thrive in Massachusetts. Over the past decade, the sector has grown to employ more than 120,000 workers and contributes significantly to our economy.

We are positioned to massively increase our statewide commitment to solar power and offshore wind, investments that will minimize our reliance on fossil fuels and continue to provide new economic opportunities for the commonwealth.

Communities across the state are facing a massive uphill battle and hefty bill to sufficiently prepare their infrastructure for the coming changes. We can do our part to help by doubling down on renewable energy.

Meagan Greene

Vice President of Policy & Operations

The Alliance for Business Leadership