To the editor:

On Dec. 16, a letter writer from Byfield appears greatly disturbed by President Trump’s legitimate attempts to challenge the election results in some states  where eyewitnesses courageously came forward with sworn affidavits offering to testify in court as to the “irregularities” they personally observed.

Some of their stories are supported by videotape (released partially on Dec. 3) from security cameras at State Farm Arena, Fulton County, Georgia. Details are reported by Peter Svab in the Epoch Times (Dec. 9).

One small excerpt: An update reported by Edison Research (fed to New York Times) at 12:18 a.m. (Nov. 4), “23,487 votes, of which 98-100% were for Biden.”

Hmmm, as the statisticians say: “Possible but highly improbable.” None of these or other allegations in four or five states has been accorded a hearing in a courtroom.

The cases have been summarily dismissed by judges on legalistic grounds (lack of standing or timeliness). To conclude that, because they failed, the challenges should never have been attempted is ludicrous.

Nevertheless, I must assume this is what the letter writer means when he calls them a “seditious act” aimed at “usurp(ing) the presidency.”

He looks forward to “the arrival of a better America at noon on Jan. 20, 2021.”

We’ll see. We may have traded energetic achievement for insipid incompetence.

In the meantime, he had better appreciate the constitutional republic (not democracy) that we have, where those of us who see Trump as a man who keeps his promises are not (yet) sent to reeducation camps to get our minds right.

Bernhard Heersink


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