To the editor:

Under the heading “Speaking the Plain Truth” (Daily News, As I See It, Feb. 24), Warren Russo appears to be another apologist for the present administration.

Don’t think he would recognize the truth but this might help: The Clintons are no longer in office and it’s not necessary to list the “so-called” disasters of the Clinton administration and onward to Hillary, her run for office and her job as secretary of state. Also a knock to Obama.

I feel as if I should revisit the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a whole list of financial devastation by the Bush administration. That’s history as are the Clintons. At least Bush recognizes the evil that is lurking in the White House.

Apparently, Mr. Russo is not aware that the noose is tightening on the Trump administration with the arrests of Rick Gates, Alex van der Zwaan, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Richard Pinedo.

He must also be unaware that Trump is an over-the-top supporter of the Russian terrorist, aka Putin. Mr. “no collusion, no collusion” is hopefully on thin ice at this time. Although the rabble which put him in office won’t be deterred. You all must own it eventually.

Mr. Russo also made the mistake of equating Robert Mueller’s quest for the truth to the most recent tragedy in Florida as did Trump. Shame on both of you. The NRA will probably forgive your dues this year.

With the president’s promise to “drain the swamp” among other promises, he has added exponentially to the swamp by hiring the worst people that he could dredge from the swamp.

Mr. Trump’s presidency has been filled daily with overt lies but it appears the base has believed him, including Mr. Russo.

Trump started innocently enough describing his inauguration turnout as the most people ever to view this spectacle. That should have tipped the world that this guy’s brain wasn’t capable of the job. He is an insult to the presidency and to decent people everywhere. He brought the bully boys and created an unhealthy atmosphere for all.

Sandra Brown


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