To the editor:

Only the die-hard sheep of Trumpism will reject these details and facts about Trump's negligence, greed, incompetence, mismanagement, and deception in carrying out his duties to serve and protect the American citizens. At this moment there have been over 1.5 million coronavirus cases and over 91,000 deaths. And this is not the end of it.

Trump has sent us on a Death March in order to preserve his stock market and investments of the upper 10%. His regard for the value of life is second to his value of money. Granted half of the citizenry may have some form of direct or indirect investment with the stock market, but the wealthy invest immensely more than the rest of us. What is more important is to ensure the well-being and health of everyone.

Trump certainly makes a logical case that a die-hard supporter would accept. For those who have more common sense and intelligence, wanting to know who has the virus is imperative in order to protect others and to tend to the medical needs of the victims. Imagine not being tested and later realizing you have the virus after you have infected relatives and friends. But Trump is correct, not knowing who is infected certainly would keep the recorded numbers low.

President Donald Trump said on May 14, “More testing only reveals more infections and therefore increases the numbers. In a way, by doing all this testing we make ourselves look bad.” What can I say that would defend an idiotic statement? It is beyond defensible; it is incomprehensible.

According to Trump's logic, if we stop testing then the pandemic cases should cease to grow. These statistics are not the emperor's new clothes. They are real! This virus is not a hoax as Trump and his sycophants want us to believe.

Then ask yourself why is he muting the opinions of Dr. Anthony Fauci and why did he fire Dr. Rick Bright. Because they are concerned about the health of us Americans, telling us this virus is real and deadly. Trump wants us to believe what he said back in February that it is a hoax. Really?

Face it: Trump is in way over his head on managing our federal government. His handling of this national crisis has exposed his selfish values and inept decision-making to do what is right.

Christopher Dollas



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