To the editor:

In November 2019, I wrote an essay which included a comment that the incidence of guns to commit crimes in Great Britain was extremely low.

However, there were over 43,000 offenses committed with knives in 2018, the last year on record, but the number in 2019 was expected to be higher.

How to handle this "pandemic" added to Boris Johnson's woes and this in addition to COVID-19 which is now raging. An update came to my attention from what seemed an unlikely source, the daily devotional, "Our Daily Bread," published in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The British Ironworks Center, working with local police forces, placed 200 deposit boxes nationwide and ran an amnesty program. Over 100,000 knives were surrendered, some with blood on them.

They were then shipped to a metallic artist who blunted the blades, inscribed names of victims on them and all 100,000 were welded together to create Knife Angel, a 27-foot-high angelic sculpture which is now on public view.

This story is reminiscent of Isiah2:1-4 "... They shall beat their swords into plowshares ... and will train for wars no more."

Robert D. Campbell


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