To the editor:

Ninety-seven percent of scientists believe that climate change is real, our planet is dying, and we can do something about it. We cannot all be Greta Thunberg, but each one of us can be doing more individually.

1. We can compost.

2. We can find alternatives to red meat. Cows create too much methane and raising them is wasted space globally.

3. Choose an electric company that finds its energy source from either wind, solar, geothermal or wind power.

4. Switch to only using LED light bulbs.

5. Turn out the lights whenever you leave the room.

6. Unplug electrical things around your house, if you are not using them; that also prevents them from being a fire hazard.

7. Replace Christmas lights all around your house this season with LED bulbs.

8. Use silk dental floss that comes on a glass tube in lieu of the kind that comes in a plastic box that is not recyclable with floss that is not recyclable.

9. Use bamboo toothbrushes or another type that is not made of plastic.

10. Recycle anything and everything you can.

11. Stop using plastic water bottles. Find a glass or metal one instead.

12. If you haven’t yet called Mass Save to have your house audited for energy inefficiencies, do so now! They pay for most of it and will save you thousands of dollars.

As we all know, small things done by many people do make a difference. And a lot of the above suggestions will save you money immediately and save the planet.

We want this planet to be around and be a healthy place to live for our grandchildren and their children’s children.

Jennifer Ross


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