To the editor:

Since The Daily News, once again, did not do their homework before publishing Fred Doucette’s letter of Dec. 18, I did it for them.

Doucette attacks the impeachment process with one lie after another outraged by the “illegal” actions of the Democrats. What nobody mentions, himself included, is that he is one of the three New Hampshire chairmen for Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Furthermore in 2016, also while working for Trump, he stood behind him on a platform with his fellow Republican Al Baldasaro as Trump announced his “fabulous” donation to a veterans group of the monies he raised at a rally instead of attending a debate during the 2016 primary election (see Aug. 25 issue of The Eagle-Tribune).

We all know how this ended. On Nov. 7 of this year, in a case brought by the New York attorney general’s office, a judge ruled that President Trump pay $2 million in damages to settle claims that he misused funds.

Who would take the money raised for charity? Trump did with, apparently, the full support of Fred Doucette, who also supports his attempts to blackmail the Ukraine government.

Once again, I say to the News, this type of letter needs to be printed as a paid political advertisement, not sneaking into the paper as a legitimate impartial citizen’s opinion.

Patricia Ward


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