To the editor:

Robin Lawson of Indivisible-RISE wrote a letter to the editor (Nov. 27) where she referenced an editorial about the imbalances in our state government. What Ms. Lawson doesn’t mention is where the important imbalances really are.

In our 160-member Massachusetts House, there are currently 46 women, but only 32 Republicans. In our 40-member Senate there are 11 women, but only six Republicans. And Democrats have every statewide seat except that of governor, not to mention our entire delegation to Washington.

This is not good news in a state that has one of the worst records in the country when it comes to openness and transparency, as stated in a Daily News editorial on Jan. 11 of this year (”Transparency elusive in state government”).

In fact, according to their own website, attempts to address transparency failed along party lines with Republicans, including our local Reps. Brad Hill, James Kelcourse and Lenny Mirra, voting for more transparency and Democrats (including those endorsed by I-RISE) voting against transparency. And yet Ms. Lawson concludes by supporting Democratic candidates because of their gender.

It’s unfortunate that I-RISE would advocate for tribalism and identity politics at a time when we clearly need less of this.

Christine Cluney

West Newbury

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