To the editor:

You and your partner should not use marijuana if you want to have a baby.

At the recent 75th annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Philadelphia, Alyssa Harlow of Boston University School of Public Health and her colleagues reported study results that demonstrate men who use marijuana at least once a week are twice as likely to see their partner's pregnancy end in miscarriage.

Previous studies have indicated that marijuana use can lower sperm count and activity. In the cases where the sperm was healthy enough to fertilize the egg, any damage done to the sperm, including to its DNA, could result in miscarriage.

The couples who did conceive reported a miscarriage rate of 19%. The study controlled for variables, including smoking, alcohol, caffeine, weight, sleep, history of sexually transmitted disease and mood disorders. Most miscarriages are caused by alterations in the genetic material of the baby.

It is essentially nature's way to stop the pregnancy when the biology says there are serious problems with the developing fetus. Studies are needed to determine the specifics of any such genetic changes caused by marijuana.

A quick perusal of the March of Dimes website will tell you what is clearly established is that no amount of marijuana use is safe during pregnancy and marijuana use during pregnancy may cause problems for the baby, including defects in brain development and stillbirth.

It is also known that it is not safe to use marijuana to treat morning sickness or when breastfeeding as the chemicals in marijuana will be passed along to the baby, potentially causing neurological problems in the child.

Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a psychology professor at SUNY Albany and an advisory board member for NORML, a pro-marijuana use group, agreed the study indicates that couples who have had miscarriages consider decreasing the use of marijuana during efforts to have children.

Think carefully, if you want to conceive a healthy baby, mom and dad should not use marijuana in any form, especially the deadly vaping of THC.

Your healthy child will thank you.

Mike Young



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