To the editor: 

COVID-19 requires us to see the whole planet as a system. This is even more true for climate change, which makes the enormous tragedy of the coronavirus seem like a minor event.

A recent study by Ian Howatt and Michalea D. King of the School of Earth Scientists at Ohio State University, the Greenland ice sheet is in “dramatic retreat.” It is described as being “beyond the point of no return.”

Greenland contributes 280 billion metric tons of melting ice into the ocean each year, making it the largest physical source of rising ocean levels.

Scientists estimate that the ice sheet melting would result in the seas rising six feet. That would wipe out the entire waterfront along our coast and cause the Merrimack River system to flood all the way to New Hampshire.

These are facts. This is what the future looks like for our kids and grandkids. Our decision makers at all levels need to know and act on facts like these.

We have an opportunity to support someone who thinks big and understands the ins and outs of not only climate change, but many other matters representing the 1st Essex District at the Statehouse.

Amber Hewett has eight years experience advocating for wind power for the National Wildlife Federation. Thousands of jobs would come to the 1st Essex District through this initiative alone, and Amber has plenty of other ideas as well.

We need a leader, not a follower.

Anika Savage


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