To the editor:

People ask whether the U.S. Supreme Court can intervene in the impeachment of President Trump. The answer is “no.”

Impeachment is an extraordinary remedy to undo the results of an election. An election is the ultimate expression of the voice and will of the people.

As such, the people’s representatives are the ones charged with the responsibility of deciding whether their election of a president should be overturned.

While this process is fraught with partisan bias and motivations, it was what the Founders set forth.

Think about it. Would we really want a Supreme Court to speak for the voice of the people? That’s not the function of the court. The court is charged with adjudication of legal disputes and the protection of individual rights.

Unfortunately, we have reached a point in our nation’s history where partisan priorities are paramount — fully at the expense of the needs of the people and welfare of the country.

This is what happens when power is centralized and allowed to sit in the hands of career politicians.

So, I say to everyone, as we watch the Trump impeachment either with joy or in horror, we the people are ultimately to blame for the mess we see every day in Washington. It’s time for everyone to look in the mirror and own up to his or her own malfeasance in the preservation of our liberties and way of life.

I humbly request that everyone go to, sign the petition and join the movement.

Theodore Xenakis



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