To the editor:

I agree with Jay McClenaghan’s letter to the editor (“Do you remember?” Daily News of Newburyport, May, 11 2023) that no one, including former President Trump, should be diagnosed from a distance just because you disagree with their actions or beliefs. But isn’t he doing the same thing he’s accusing Democrats of when he says the President Biden “clearly has dementia?”

In addition, for topics like these, context matters. By 2018, Trump had bragged about grabbing women by their genitals, called Mexicans a bunch of criminals and rapists, divided the country at every opportunity, and given a massive, budget-busting tax break to his rich friends.

Since then, Trump has been found liable in civil court of sexual abuse and continues to propagate his lie about a “stolen” election, which triggered an assault on the Capitol by his followers, killing several people and seriously endangering the life of his own vice president.

And so, from this perspective, diagnosis aside, which man seems more presidential?



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