To the editor:

Say it’s because I’m a townie, but I’ve always had a huge crush on Amesbury. And last weekend, I was definitely crushin’.

On Saturday, I got to spend the morning downtown with my daughter, who was down to check out the creatively designed Fairy & Gnome homes that local residents had built.

Along the way, we bounced from store to store, getting to shop at Eighteen Friend Street, grab candy at Sir Pennycandy’s Apothecary and ice cream sundaes at Hedgehog General Store (at this point I also needed some caffeine, so we walked to Market Square Bakehouse for coffee and more snacks).

After she caught sight of all the fairy houses, my daughter talked me into visiting the town park where we enjoyed the splash pad and playground. We followed that up with a few hours of swimming and lounging at Lake Gardner.

All the while, I noticed our downtown and these places felt full of energy. The team at Bryony & Birch were buzzing as they readied for their own neighborhood event for Sunday; and people and families of all ages seemed to be enjoying our downtown in a way that felt quintessential “New England.”

I was telling friends about how my weekend went, and it got me thinking about what a special place Amesbury is. Whether you’re volunteers, businesses, neighbors or just good people who like to spend time here – thank you.

All of you together really make our little town the special place it is.

Sean Toomey


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