To the editor:

I had to renew my driver’s license and I went to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

They told me I had to have all this paperwork: Social Security card, tax returns, birth certificate, naturalization papers.

I went home to get them and I had two papers I could not find — my birth certificate and naturalization papers.

Somehow over the years, I misplaced them. I figured my Social Security number would be sufficient but that they wouldn’t accept that either.

They still would not give me my license. I had to start walking every place.

A lot of my friends told me to see James Kelcourse, so I did. I got in touch with his office and told him what happened to me at the registry.

He said he would look into it. I got a call from his office about a week later telling me to go to the registry in Danvers to renew my license. I was probably the happiest guy in the world there.

Thank you, James Kelcourse. You have my full support for mayor.

Sy Bourgoin


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