To the editor:

Mike Goodridge and his two hearty crew deserve praise and many thanks for their heroic efforts in saving many boats as Tropical Storm Irene swept through Newburyport's harbor, breaking boats free from their moorings or dragging them into other boats. Many of us watched from shore as our boats went adrift, and Mike and his Marine Services crew alone were responsible for saving boat after boat.

Contrary to the report in The Daily News story the following day, I know of at least eight boats that broke free and were saved by the Marine Services red boat, as well as several others that were moved or secured to other moorings or locations. It was like watching a Spiderman movie as Mike positioned his towboat and his two crew leapt on and off drifting boats to take them under control.

Great job, guys — and thanks from us boat owners!

Tom Lochhaas


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