To the editor:

The American people have committed a fatal error in installing in the White House a president supported by legions of like-minded ideologues who are constitutional revisionists.

They have initiated an irreversible, grand social experiment that cannot be supported financially and is now crumbling.

In the American epic, there has never been such a chasm between a brutal reality and an uncertain future. The reconciliation between the two is the next chapter for this nation and its people. Atonement will be borne by the citizenry.

This president has failed in all the critical areas that are exclusive to his office and that in a more capable leader would have had the potential to improve the human condition. Specifically, he has failed to inspire confidence, has compromised with malice and persuaded with pandering. He has adhered to a conviction of untested radical ideals that he has imposed on the masses delivered with an air of self-righteous arrogance. His actions carry an implication that the legitimacy of the social equities embedded in those ideals do not warrant any justifiable dissent. And yet we've all witnessed recently during an 11th hour a forced relinquishment of steadfastly held positions in order to avert disaster.

If his ineptitude and dereliction of duty were not so glaring, some would consider this pattern of behavior to be a conspiracy. His lamentations to the people, imploring them to intervene on his behalf, is the most telling evidence of a man who is imprisoned by his own ideals. This has created a condition where neither his destiny nor ours is directed.

There is no precedent in presidential history for such a massive failure in leadership. As a result, the nation remains in the throes of despair that is created by a void of hope and change, the very principles for which he was inspired to serve and by which we were encouraged to deliver him.

As our state is now effectively leaderless, it remains likely that a set of unchecked, catastrophic economic and political events are already under way of which few in government understand the implications. What is clear, though, is that this has initiated a seismic shift in the prominence of the United States and will remove it from the world as a bastion of hope, stability and order.

For our people, we shall endure as we have the capacity to do until the corrective winds of change are ushered in through the exercise of the last true vestige of untainted democracy: the voting booth.

Joe D'Amore


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