To the editor:

Regarding Scott Brown’s opinion piece: “Hypocrisy and double standards”:

Mr. Brown has epitomized in his opinion piece exactly why Americans are disgusted and infuriated with today’s political culture. His parroting of the talking points espoused by the conservative/right wing media, especially regarding Obamacare, is the height of hypocrisy and double standard. As a listener and reader of all media, conservative, right wing, moderate and left wing, I notice the patterns espoused by the various media sects. Recently, the conservative/right wing media has been relentless with a very standard set of talking points that intentionally use words such as “implosion,” deeply flawed,” “catastrophe,” “train wreck.” They also use very selective statistics, espouse conjecture as fact and use fear to mask the truth about a plan that has a long way to go till proven effective or not. These tactics are the real hypocrisy — the double standard — that the status quo was working fine and dandy, which we all know is not true, with no alternate fix proposed by Mr. Brown’s colleagues.

Mr. Brown’s “opinion” is not his — he has just reiterated a set of talking points that is tweeted on a regular basis. Nothing Mr. Brown has said is this opinion piece is original thought or his opinion — this is why politicians are held in such low regard.

Bob Watt


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