To the editor:

All the officers, staff and volunteers at the Newburyport Salvation Army want to extend a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who so generously gave to our Christmas program by donating their time, energy, food, gifts and finances. The demands this holiday season were much more than ever before, but the community came forward with more than our clients or any of us could have ever wished or imagined.

The outpouring brought tears to the eyes of more than one dad and even more moms of our youngest clients. In a time of such deep recession, it is wonderful to know that our families will be able to enjoy one of their better holiday seasons.

All this generosity not only makes our job easier, but it helps to remind us how privileged we are to be witness to such a Christmas blessing. All this, not even accounting for the red kettle campaign, (reports on that to come later).

Thank everyone again and God bless.

Salvation Army staff


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