To the editor:

Thank you for this timely space to address an eminent concern on this date in history (past, present and future). Periodically over the past half century, "it" had been of concern to generations of the Waterside people. In this dynamic, business concerns also concern the "business of community." Yet, at this imminent point in time, most want to believe "it" is not a concern.

More to the point: Suppression of (supposed) information compels fascination (or obsession). Conversely, conversation and synergism dispels such cynicism. Rather than forming separate pools of energy, channel currents to propel "forward movement" (to lift an uplifting term from the mayor's inaugural address). And during the due process of progress, be motivated to seek (and share) information freely.

To be (or not to be): As the Full Strawberry Moon rose at the Mouth of the River Merrimack last night — such an opportunity came to pass. Howbeit, with that moonrise, no glimpse of the prospective, private development along these riverbanks would come to light. No proverbial "rising tide that lifts all boats" would be evoked with the changing (spring) tides.

Time and tide wait for no man: On the New England Development (NED) website, Newburyport Development is cited as "retail, office, residential and marinas" — (part and parcel of NED properties held in Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania). The tagline represents the entire portfolio as: "Not just great buildings. Great thinking."

This tagline prompts "the thinking part" to impart to the party of the first part: Dear Sir, Tag, you're "it." How would you respond to these concerns? While devoid of plans for the "great buildings," surely NED has commenced the "great thinking" part. In a void, why avoid open communication to impel yet "greater thinking"? Or reject openly working with those having purview over the Waterside's private and public lands? It's past time. Please RSVP.

Even Stephen: This request is not outlandish. As one of the "assignes" of certain lots of land here in the Waterside community of Newburyport, you officially become one of the Waterside people. By tapping a broader sampling of this constituency — we can plan (and build) together as a community — with a "new school of thought." We the Waterside people are pumped and primed! Great, think?

Looming wisdom from material facts to weave the fabric of the Waterside community (daily spun): Today marks the date in history when the Wolfe Tavern reopened its doors in its new setting (only 17 days after the original structure was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1811). In each of its three locations, the Old Wolfe Tavern was ever the place "where your ancestors tarried" and "communed." Perchance remarking this remarkable icon's 200-year milestone in history will be a turning point when making history — and in turn, open the door to improved communications. Which prompts us to close with the reminder that there is virtually always something to SMILE (Seek More Information/insight Logged/linked/loomed Electronically) about at



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