To the editor:

As I have at one time or another in the last several years had interaction with most all town of Salisbury officials and/or employees, I would like to offer acknowledgement of the professionalism and character of these people.

Town Manager Neil Harrington, for his integrity, forthrightness and for his keen acumen in his decision-making. “Neil Harrington for president!” I am proud to know you, Sir!

Town Clerk Wilma McDonald, for humor, vast insights into her tough job and her intimate knowledge of all things Salisbury.

Kristen Harrison, Salisbury police dispatcher, for handling our life-threatening, imminent crisis situations simultaneously on the telephone and police radio, phew!

Fire Chief Richard Souliotis and his crew for their bravery, hard work and compassion when I most surely needed it.

Dan Ouellette and Sherry Beevers of Housing Authority for your humanity and ardent devotions to give a high quality of life to our friends and families.

Debra Smith of Pettengill House and her team for their sincere concern for the less fortunate and helping hand to all.

Harold Congdon, animal control official, for your empathy and selfless concern in your interactions with us citizenry in our animal issues.

DPW Director Don Levesque and his troops for your help when you were not in official capacity and obligated to do so.

Planning Director Lisa Pearson, for her persistence and quality leadership of the many various people under her directive.

Conservation agent Michelle Rowden, for her tenacious advocacy of our one and only environment.

Emergency Management director Robert Cook, for his leadership and planning.

Harbormaster Ray Pike, for his capacity to manage a high-pressure situation with effective eloquence.

Plumbing inspector Gary Downs, for his humor and his honesty in the work he did for me on behalf of the town.

Christine Caron of the tax collector’s office, for her understanding of people’s money fights and the willingness to help wherever she can.

Janet Flannery, assistant to town manager, for her advice many times throughout the years.

Ed Hunt, Jerry Klima and all the other selectmen, for your many hours of unpaid labor in advocacy of Salisbury’s best interest and your adoption of open microphone for public comment prior to your Town Meetings. This is First Amendment constitutionally great and refreshing to many town folk!

To all the town board members and employees unmentioned who serve daily for the benefit of our town, “a sincere thank-you.” Your work is appreciated by many.

In closing, if you see any of the aforementioned, please say “hey,” for they truly deserve it.

Steven Nichols


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