To the editor:

With regard to this latest atrocity in Afghanistan ... it's fair to be sympathetic that we sent this guy over there three or four times ... that's more than we should have done. But I'm getting sick of all the excuses the media, the military and the government are coming up with to excuse, or rationalize, his atrocities. As if the people of Afghanistan will be less outraged if they know that this service man had PTSD or was stressed for any of several reasons.

Why is no one putting a face on the nine children who were killed, or the six adults. Why are we always protected from having to look at or deal with the victims of these acts. Maybe if Americans got to look at these faceless victims, we wouldn't have gotten mired down in these awful wars to begin with.

All those innocent children and not one word about who they were or what their lives were like. Let's put their faces in front of us on the front pages of our newspapers and on the TV screen.

Would it make a difference?

Grace M. Ferry


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