To the editor:

As I am the most ardent fan of libraries, I am crest-fallen with the most critical issue presently before the town of Salisbury, the proposed library expansion. Simply put, does the town need a six-times increase in present size library from 3,000 square feet to over 17,000 square feet, as proposed to increase in size? Along with a $50 per tax bill increase for the next 20 years, as per Town Manager Neil Harrington’s dialogue. In supplication I ask, what has the computer done to the library business?

Do we not need much more critical public health and safeties addressed? A new fire station down the beach, there is none now, or a new police station that is surely needed, or what of beach erosion issues? Furthermore, what of the already engineered sewer line extension up Route 1 to Seabrook?

Let’s not take the state’s ultimatum in regard to the $3.6 million they have earmarked for the library just because it is available. Decline it! To show financial responsibilities, then when we need the $3.6 million we can go back to the state to ask for it, to possibly save lives with public safety and health issues.

Let’s just spend $1 million of only town money on a major rehab on what is already there for a library.

Your vote at Town Meeting on May 20 at Salisbury Elementary School could be life saving!

Steve Nichols

Hampton, N.H.

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