To the editor:

There is a new law that goes into effect for teenagers under 18 today, but it is not enough.

Unfortunately, this law had to be put into effect after the son of Jerry Cibley, of Foxborough, lost his life while on the phone with his father. His son dropped his cell phone while on the phone with his father and lost control of the car and hit a tree.

After this tragic loss, Mr. Cibley took on the crusade to have the phone laws of Massachusetts changed for teenagers driving and using their phones for calls or texting. But it took him three long years to get such a change put into effect.

I am sure that there will be many parents who thank the Cibleys for taking on this issue and seeing that this phone law changed for teenagers. There is no telling how many teenagers' lives will be saved by his persistence.

Though the law deals with teenagers, it is not enough.

What is wrong with our Legislatures that they will not stand firm and pass a "Hand Free Phone Law" for all Massachusetts drivers? Other states have this law on its books. It is time for Massachusetts to join in this safety issue and put such a law into effect.

Marge Motes


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