To the editor:

On behalf of Newburyport Youth Services, the Newburyport Learning Enrichment Center and the city’s Sustainability Office, we would like to commend the citizens and businesses of Newburyport for their kind monetary and non-perishable food donations for families in need this past holiday season.

We raised enough money and received very generous food donations that allowed over 45 families in Newburyport to have traditional Thanksgiving and holiday meals. 

Whether folks contributed change in our countertop donation containers throughout the stores in downtown Newburyport, dropped off non-perishable food to the Newburyport Recreation Center and schools or sent in donation checks, every little bit helped. Loose change turns into $1 very quickly, and $1 turns into one turkey even faster! 

We are energized and proud of our fellow Newburyport citizens, and look forward to providing a helping hand in 2015.

Margot PeTLer

Newburyport Youth Services

Nancy Earls

Newburyport Learning Enrichment Center

Molly Ettenborough

Newburyport Sustainability Office

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