To the editor:

I'd like to thank my family, friends and associates who showed up to help me with my campaign. A special thank-you to the 17 percent of voters who took the time to come out and vote for me. This is the third time now that I'm being informed that I could have won if I ran as a Republican. That will never happen. I believe the two major political parties are the cause of our fiscal problems and will never be able to repair the damage they have inflicted on our republic.

Many Libertarians have been elected by running in disguise, thinking they will be better able to make a change by getting elected. My principles and the desire to always tell the public the truth as I know it prevent me from taking the easy route. I'm not interested in getting elected just to get elected. My goal is to make a difference. Not easy when you are outspent by 20 to 1.

Thank God that in politics as in baseball there is always the hope of wait until next year. I'd like to announce that I will be a candidate to be your state representative in the 2012 elections. We don't know yet what the district will be, but I'm happy to be the first to announce.

Brendan Kelly


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