To the editor:

Now that some of the streets of Newburyport have been repaved, when will the sidewalks be repaired?

Despite the recent earthquake, hurricane and bad flooding, I still think that New England is the safest area to live in these United States.

Will the Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Seattle Mariners ever be relevant in my lifetime?

You can talk all you want about Bill Belichick's three Super Bowl titles, but I have always thought that he has made many questionable game decisions and personnel decisions that has hurt the team and is not the greatest coach in football presently.

I, too, love dogs, but I refuse to own one because a dog owns you, you don't own the dog. Simply put, it's a full-time job and requires more time and effort than I care to elaborate on.

When are new shop owners going to realize that Newburyport is not the best place to start a new business? In my 42 years of living here, I have seen more businesses fail.

Newburyport could use a nice, new sign at the top of Green Street.

Most people today have a cellphone and the question beckons: How did we all survive without one in the days before? We stopped at phone booths or would have to wait until we got home to make that call or receive one, but we all did it because we had to.

I would like to hear a lot less of Lohan, Palin and anyone named Kardashian.

Thanks to former Mayor Mead for starting the curbside recycling program here in Newburyport. I cannot even imagine what our landfills would be like now with tons of newspapers, bottles, cans and cardboard to dispose of.

Mayor Holaday, a good and easy way to save money on the city's electric bill would be not to turn on the street lamps in Market Square until it got dark.

This is the best time of the year for sports with college football having already started, the baseball playoffs come October and, difficult to believe, but Bruins training camp starts in just four weeks!

It's unfortunate that Newburyport does not have an alternative other than Comcast or should I say Infinity? Not only are the cable prices over the top, but I don't even care to watch at least 50 percent of the channels.

Congrats to both Nancy Langsam and Andrew Mungo for continuing 30 years of great movies at The Screening Room. They have defied the odds all these years and have had to compete with movie theater chains and should be commended.

Dan Shaughnessy is the best sportswriter that I have ever read and that includes the late Ray Fitzgerald and Bob Ryan.

Larry Giantonio


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