To the editor:

Thanksgiving morning was a cool, crisp, bright sunny day. Perfect for a quick run in Maudslay State Park, allowing us to feel free of guilt while enjoying our holiday meals with friends and family and giving thanks. There were more than1,000 participants and all were smiling and conversing awaiting the gun to fire.

Some were dressed with turkey hats on their heads, while others were very competitive with running shorts and a serious face. The horn blew, and we were off. The crowd of all ages sprinted through the mud puddles and over the branches and leaves to the last gradual climb across the finish line. Smiling as they all finish and chatting with others about their afternoon plans. What a great feeling and to be in such a good mood to start your holiday morning.

Finishers began to walk happily back to our cars, sipping water, and then to the amazement of most finding that startling neon orange glow atop the windshield. What? A ticket? As I walked back to my car with friends, we were sadly greeted by our local officers of the law posting tickets on as many cars as they possibly could. We commented that this was a time for fun and felt bad about the tickets. The response was that emergency apparatus could not get down the residential side streets. Fair enough. Gladly agree.

I ask this: If the city of Newburyport can send two officers to tag cars, could they have sent one and asked politely during this season of giving to not park on these side streets as it may cause harm?

I guess next year we will have to be our own best friends and remind others to beware of the early Grinch.

Cheryl Waldron


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