To the editor:

After meeting and talking with Ted Waldron, I am convinced that he is the right candidate to represent Ward 1 as a member of the City Council. Ted is married, has two young children and is committed to this city and determined to make Newburyport the best place for them to grow up.

He is interested in improving the school system and what it has to offer our children from kindergarten through high school.

He often walks with his family throughout the South End and downtown and is very concerned about the poor condition of our sidewalks.

Ted took the time on Oct. 14 to tour the sewerage plant and talk in depth with Joe Dugan, Jamie Tuccolo, Anthony Furnari and Bob Bradbury for three hours and came away with a much clearer understanding of what really needs to be done to fix the odor and other issues there. 

He has also made it a point to educate himself about the water and sewer issues on Plum Island and is fully committed to working very diligently to remedy them in a timely manner.

It goes without saying that Ted is for an open waterfront for his family and all of us who live in and visit our city to enjoy.

Ted has a strong financial background and will be an asset in helping steer the city budget and allocations in the right direction.

As he has said, though he lives in the South End and will be representing the ideas and concerns of the people in Ward 1, working on their issues will be working to improve the city as a whole.

Ted Waldron’s pursuit, passion and commitment to make Newburyport the best place for his family and all of us lucky enough to live here is real and genuine. Many of his ideas to work toward that end will bring a fresh new perspective to dealing with Ward 1 and all city issues. However, it is clear that Ted is open-minded and looks forward to input from his constituents and anyone else who wishes to discuss ideas and suggestions with him.

Please join me in voting for Ted Waldron for Ward 1 councilor on Nov. 3.

Carol Herzog


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