To the editor:

On Sunday, May 5, Project Bread will celebrate its 45th annual Walk for Hunger. The 20-mile route begins on the Boston Common and goes through Boston, Brookline, Newton, Watertown and Cambridge on its way back to the close at Boston Common.

Today in Massachusetts, a full one-eighth of our households struggle daily to put food on the table — a number that has increased by 43 percent since 2008. At Community Action, many of the people we see seeking food assistance are working, but their wages are too low to cover all of their housing and food expenses. As the crisis continues more and more families turn to CAI for assistance. Project Bread has helped us provide nourishing food for these families, while its many other programs address long-term solutions to help people climb out of poverty and away from hunger.

Please consider walking, donating, organizing a Walk Team, or becoming a volunteer. Every dollar, every mile and every volunteer will help. All proceeds from the “Walk” stay in our communities.

For more information visit or call Project Bread at 617-723-5000. If you can’t be there this year, please support someone who can be part of the “virtual walk” with a donation. Please help us alleviate the problem facing many of our neighbors today — hunger.

In the current economic crisis, this year’s “Walk” is most important. As an associate director at Community Action Inc. (CAI), I can truthfully state that we witness the human cost of the economic crisis every day — families who are newly unemployed, families who are losing their homes and apartments, children who are eating two meals a day and seniors who are giving up food to pay for medicine. I urge all of the residents in CAI’s service area of Greater Haverhill, Amesbury and Newburyport to join this important event that helps area families who struggle to put food on their table.

Richard Lynch

Associate Director

Community Action, Inc.

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