To the editor:

Your recent coverage of the appeal of Karp's plans to remove the tanks on the waterfront refers to the Newburyport Chapter 91 Citizens' Committee as a public access advocate organization.

As part of the public, I would like to make it clear they are not advocating on my behalf. Karp is removing old underground tanks; that can only be good for the environment. In my opinion, they are obstructionists. The way I see it, they just want to make trouble and take some kind of pleasure out of creating additional costs and delaying any progress wherever they can.

I have seen one of the mentioned primary members at several different construction projects taking pictures. In fact, during the beach nourishment project, he was there wearing an orange vest, walking around inside the caution tape as if he were some type of actual official. Let's call them what they are: professional troublemakers who just can't stand to see anything get done.

Michael Ricci


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