To the editor:

Mr. Bellinger’s recent letter to the editor warns, “Our wonderful country is sick with guns” and asks for sources for various statistics. Although the FBI admits that 1.5 million crimes are prevented by gun owners, the Second Amendment Foundation, NRA and other groups sometimes add lesser property crimes and arrive at figures as high as 3.5 million. John R. Lott Jr.’s book, “More Guns Less Crime,” concludes that states with strict gun control have seen dramatic increases in violent crime rates, but smaller increases in property crimes. “Shall issue” states like New Hampshire, Vermont and Montana still enjoy relatively low violent crime rates.

The FBI and other sources conclude that about 17,000 Americans die from gunshot wounds each year. About a third are from suicides, less than 800 are gun accidents and the rest are crimes. Most of those 17,000 could likely have been seriously injured or killed by some other means. Criminals are the cause of crime — nothing else.

Almost any object can become a deadly weapon depending on how it’s used. On the night of the well-publicized brawl in my home, witnesses testified that at least one knife, beer bottle and a hatchet were all used as deadly weapons, and people were nearly killed. It is lucky that I was armed when those career criminals broke out into a bloody, drunken fight, and I consider myself to be lucky to be alive. We have to vote to protect our gun rights, or we could end up like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and so many other states where criminals know that they can victimize people with impunity.

Albert “Max” Abramson


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