Newburyport Clippers

Coach: Sean Bleau (third season)

Last year's record: 4-11-3

Key players: A.J. MacDougall, Spencer Traxler, Jordy Steelman, Adam Traxler, Alex Salah, Andrew Orlando.

Top newcomers: Matt Canning.

Strengths: Transition offense.

Concerns: Goalie. Canning is a converted basketball player looking to make his debut in net.

First game: Sept. 6 (3:45 p.m.) at Methuen

Coach's outlook: "We're going to knock the ball around. We can hold the fort down defensively and with a solid keeper job I think we can do it."

Pentucket Sachems

Coach: Christian Langlois (12th season)

Last year's record: 13-4-2 overall

Key players: Colin Macdonald, Matt Farrell, Patrick Collins, Matt McLaughlin, Seth Gorman, Mark Lulsdorf, Paxton Sedler, Zack Chapman, Trevor Collins, Trevor Delp, Luis O'Meara.

Top newcomers: John Curtin, Ben Craig, Jake Chory, Davis Miller, Will Craig, Zack Bartula, David Bachrach, Danny Ryan.

Strengths: Strong, versatile players at key positions.

Concerns: Who will emerge as the starting goalkeeper? Will the returning players improve on last year's form? Will the newcomers be ready for the tough competition in the league?

First game: Sept. 9 (3:45 p.m.) at Georgetown

Coach's outlook: "It comes down to how well the team gels on the field. The lineup is a lot different than last season and the boys need to figure out how to work well with each other. Everyone needs to step up and lead, not just the captains. We have talent; we need teamwork."

Georgetown Royals

Coach: Chris DiFranco (third season)

Last year's record: 7-7-3

Key players: Matt Bitchell, Ryan Browner, Andrew Nowak, Andrew Savage, Ben Warren, Max Harper, Chris Birnie, Jared Warren, Patrick Slack, John Laut, Ben Brock.

Top newcomers: None.

Strengths: Experience, defense, teamwork.

Concerns: Scoring, conditioning over the course of the season.

First game: Sept. 9 (3:45 p.m.) vs. Pentucket

Coach's outlook: "We are in the unique position of losing no seniors last year and essentially returning the same core of players from last year's squad. Our captains Matt Bitchell, Ryan Browner and Andrew Savage are up to the task of taking this team as far as possible. We have tremendous balance, great enthusiasm and a few new wrinkles that I hope will bring us success."

Triton Vikings

Coach: Brad Smith (25th season)

Last year's record: 4-9-5

Key players: John Mills, Gabe Marcolini, Demitri Tzitzon. Mark Schwarz, Mike Mulkern, David Flaherty, Peder Franson, Jake Stelline.

Top newcomers: Jake Papanicolaou, Dalton Tzitzon.

Strengths: Attitude, work ethic, enthusiasm.

Concerns: Lack of experience.

First game: Sept. 9 (3:45 p.m.) vs. Newburyport

Coach's outlook: "Due to the experience, I'm going to promise that these guys are going to give a fine effort every time out on the field. A lot is dependent on the strength of the league."

Amesbury Indians

Coach: Kenneth Najem (first season)

Last year's record: 1-12-3

Key players: Pat Fuller, Brian Ivancic, Mike Gilday, Jon Larnard, Chris Lavoie.

Newcomers: None.

Strengths: Individual talent.

Concerns: Mistakes. Learning to play as a team.

Coach's outlook: "We have had an excellent five days of practice and things are coming together nicely."

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