GEORGETOWN — A year ago, Georgetown football and Tech Boston went down to the wire on opening night. This time around, things weren't nearly as dramatic.

Georgetown pulled away in the second half to beat Tech Boston 26-8 on opening night, getting three touchdown passes from Stephen MacDonald and a pair of touchdowns each from Matt Galley and Matt Armata.

The Royals started off with a 15-yard touchdown from MacDonald to Galley in the first quarter, followed shortly after by Tech Boston's only score of the day. Georgetown answered with another MacDonald touchdown to Galley for 33 yards, making it 12-8 entering halftime.

Coming out of the break, MacDonald hit Armata for a 6-yard touchdown pass, and then C.J. Goldey recorded a safety on defense. Finally, Armata closed out the scoring with a 6-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter to seal the win.

Georgetown (1-0) will be at Lowell Catholic next Friday at 7 p.m.

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