Amesbury's Crochiere wins 60-64 men's division at Boston Marathon

Courtesy PhotoAmesbury's Paul Crochiere was the top overall finisher in the Boston Marathon's men's 60-64 division.

Amesbury’s Paul Crochiere discovered distance running at an older age, switching in his 40s from soccer after injuries started taking their toll. Since then, he’s run 19 marathons over two decades, competing at some of the biggest races in the nation.

On Monday, he enjoyed his best result yet.

Crochiere placed first overall in the men’s 60-64 division of Monday’s Boston Marathon, finishing the course in 2:53.40. Though he’s had similar finishes at other big marathons, this one was particularly special.

“I won my age group in Philly last fall and came in fourth in my age group when I did Chicago a few years ago,” Crochere said. “This is an exciting result for me, I knew I’d be competitive but I had no idea I’d actually prevail.”

Crochiere, who hails from Western Mass and played soccer at Middlebury College, has run the Boston Marathon 10 times. The last two times before this came in 2013, when he finished the race before the bombings at the finish line and heard the news on the way home, and the following year in 2014.

“In 2014 it was trying to make a statement, that things like that wouldn’t stop us from doing what we value and treasure, so I certainly had to do it that year,” Crochiere said. “There are few experiences in life that are more rewarding that finishing the Boston Marathon, it gets emotional even after 10 of them.”

Crochiere, who is 60, admitted that a major reason for running this year was the prospect of a high finish in the 60-64 age group. He added that despite the dire forecasts, the weather for Monday’s race wound up being pretty mild, if somewhat variable.

“We were expecting much worse, it was fine,” he said. “When the sun came out it got a bit warm, but given the expectations there were no complaints.”

Ahead of the pack

Crochiere wasn’t the only local to finish within the top 25 of their division. Newbury’s Nina Caron placed 13th in the women’s 55-59 division (3:25.12) and Amesbury’s Elizabeth Dollas placed 16th in the women’s 40-44 division (3:00.41).

Two others besides Crochiere also finished in under three hours. Newburyport’s Paul Larosa was the area’s top overall finishing, completing the course in 2:47.58, and West Newbury’s Brady Hoover came in shortly afterwards in 2:51.40.

Twenty additional locals ran under four hours. Dollas and Merrimac’s John Peterson were the top two in that grouping (both 3:00.41), followed by Byfield’s Brandon Barcomb (3:07.05), Newburyport’s Joseph Gurczak (3:14.15), Newbury’s Caron and Newburyport’s Jessica Su (3:27.58).


2019 Boston Marathon Local Finishers

Paul Larosa Newburyport 2:47.58

Brady Hoover West Newbury 2:51.34

Paul Crochiere Amesbury 2:53.40

Elizabeth Dollas Amesbury 3:00.41

John Peterson Merrimac 3:00.41

Brandon Barcomb Byfield 3:07.05

Joseph Gurczak Newburyport 3:14.15

Nina Caron Newbury 3:25.12

Jessica Su Newburyport 3:27.58

Madelyn McCarthy Newbury 3:36.43

Rick Walsh West Newbury 3:42.36

Sarah Muller Byfield 3:47.15

Mike McCormick Newburyport 3:50.04

Susan Madden Newburyport 3:52.52

Kerry Jones Newburyport 3:52.57

Jeremy Schmidt Newburyport 3:54.07

Rachael Hall Merrimac 3:56.22

Robert Hall Merrimac 3:56.23

Debra Johnson Georgetown 3:56.57

Thomas Chase Newburyport 3:57.02

Tara Driscoll West Newbury 3:57.58

Laurie Lavallee Merrimac 3:58.42

Kathleen Winslow Rowley 3:58.44

Jennifer Lloyd Newburyport 4:03.10

Robert Loring Merrimac 4:09.29

Jed Wartman Byfield 4:14.45

Julia Collins-Lindner Newburyport 4:16.05

Martin Kresac Amesbury 4:23.16

Noreen Waddell Byfield 4:23.48

Ross Suleski Amesbury 4:25.33

Anna Bates Newburyport 4:26.28

David Freeman Newburyport 4:32.17

Paije Moorman Georgetown 4:33.18

Ross Olson Georgetown 4:35.35

Kevin Pettet Amesbury 4:40.33

Marcie DiLorenzo Amesbury 4:45.30

Stacey Harrison Salisbury 4:45.43

Amanda Burnham Salisbury 4:45.43

Scarlette Smith Salisbury 4:46.00

Pamela DeCoste Newbury 4:46.21

Susan Grubbs Seabrook 4:50.40

Shawn Ducrow Amesbury 4:51.12

Ryan Wilcox Merrimac 4:51.48

Donald Dwight West Newbury 4:55.48

Amie Begin Rowley 5:01.56

Ashley Spongberg Amesbury 5:05.54

Kathleen McWilliams Amesbury 5:09.37

Dave Fortier Newburyport 5:10.55

Jennifer Norris Newburyport 5:14.45

Kimberly Maloney Newbury 5:15.15

Michael McManus Georgetown 5:18.58

Megan Greenwich West Newbury 5:24.30

Larry Hanson Georgetown 5:27.21

Taylor Summit Newburyport 5:36.30

James Knapp Newburyport 5:40.19

Joshua Wiseman Newbury 5:54.12

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