Coach Ernie Bissaillon: (23rd year)

2018-19 record: 2-2

Top returning athletes: Andrew Chace, Sr., distance; Carter Higgins, Sr., distance; Francisco Laracuente, Sr., hurdles; John Nelson, Sr., throws; Paul Stanley, Sr., throws; Ian McIntyre, Sr., throws; Max Bohler, Jr., distance; Ethan Rowe, Jr., distance; Brady Dore, Jr., sprints/jumps; Ben Ayotte, Jr., sprints/jumps; Alex Naughton, Jr., distance; Xavier Roy, Jr., hurdles

Promising newcomers: Jeremy Lopez, Jr., sprints/jumps; Jared Pender, Jr., sprints/jumps

Captains: Ian McIntyre, Francisco Laracuente, Carter Higgins, Ben Ayotte

Odds and ends: Senior Francisco Laracuente is one of the state’s top hurdlers and placed in the top five in three events during last spring’s outdoor Division 4 state meet to lead Amesbury to a second place finish. ... Ethan Rowe was top runner on cross country team this fall and Brady Dore was a Daily News All-Star in football.

Assistants: Keith Walton, Kevin Johnston



Coach Brian Moore: (3rd year, 8-2)

2018-19 record: 4-1

Top returning athletes: John Lucey, Sr., distance; Chris O’Donnell, Sr., distance; Max Passen, Sr., sprints/jumps; Nate Armano, Sr., sprints/throws; Dillon Green, Sr., jumps; Stefan Berlind, Sr., sprints/jumps; Tyler Hoover, Sr., sprints; Peter D’Ambrosio, Sr., distance; Jack Chambers, Sr., distance; Dreese Fadil, Jr., distance; Peter King, Jr., middle distance; T.J. Carleo, Soph., distance

Promising newcomers: Francois Comparone-Barre, Sr., throws; Will Acquaviva, Frosh., middle distance; Bradford Duchesne, Frosh., distance; Ethan Downs, Frosh., middle distance; Aidan Hoidal Bui, Frosh., middle distance; Matt Murray, Frosh., distance

Captains: Tyler Hoover, Peter D’Ambrosio, John Lucey, Nate Armano

Odds and ends: Newburyport once again boasts elite distance crew led by Division 2 All-State cross country runner-up John Lucey. ... Max Passen is a returning Daily News All-Star sprinter who was among the area’s top runners in the 55-meter dash.

Assistants: Don Hennigar, Mike McCormick, Pat Sheehan, Lily Donovan



Coach Keith Sherman: (2nd year, 1-3)

2018-19 record: 1-3

Top returning athletes: Keegan O’Keefe, Sr., sprints/jumps; Ryan Kiley, Sr., sprints/jumps; Brennan Walsh, Sr., sprints; Ben Attwood, Sr., sprints; David Gangemi, Sr., distance; Aidan Rich, Sr., distance; Joe Salvi, Sr., sprints; Kevin Veno, Sr., sprints; Seamus O’Keefe, Jr., middle distance; Dexter Stark, Jr., hurdles/jumps; Mitchell Powers, Jr., distance; Frank Majewski, Soph., hurdles/jumps

Promising newcomers: Ethan Murray, Sr., throws; Keegan Comeau, Sr., distance; Colin Costa, Jr., distance; Stratton Seymour, Frosh., hurdles/middle distance

Captains: Keegan O’Keefe, Ryan Kiley, Aidan Rich, David Gangemi

Odds and ends: Pentucket has huge numbers this year with 74 athletes on the roster. The distance crew in particular will benefit from the addition of distance standouts Colin Costa and Keegan Comeau, who have switched from basketball to indoor track after great cross country seasons.

Assistants: Sean Bixby, Jon Gore



Coach Joe Colbert: (14th year)

2018-19 record: 2-3

Top returning athletes: Jonah Burd, Sr., sprints; Ben Campbell, Sr., sprints; Chatham Campbell, Sr., sprints; Aidan Gay-Killeen, Sr., distance; Liam Murray, Sr., jumps/hurdles; Keegan Ritchie, Sr., distance; Nick Ritchie, Sr., middle distance; Tyler Stranc, Sr., middle distance; Graham Stedfast, Jr., distance; Derek Cotter, Jr., hurdles/jumps; Joe Delmonico, Jr., sprints/jumps; Reilly Gagnon, Jr., sprints/jumps; Ross Lyon, Jr., hurdles; Jack O’Shea, Jr., distance; Nick Pagliarulo, Jr., sprints; Matt Lyon, Soph., sprints/jumps; Josh Monroe, Soph., sprints; John Sayles, Soph., distance

Promising newcomers: Kyle Pearson, Soph., throws; John DiTullio, Soph., throws; Griffin White, Frosh., distance; Sam O’Shea, Frosh., distance

Captains: Joe Delmonico, Aidan Gay-Killeen, Tyler Stranc

Odds and ends: Triton’s roster includes 18 contributors to last spring’s Division 4 state champion outdoor track team, including state champion sprinter Joe Delmonico and top distance runner Graham Stedfast. ... Vikings blend experience with youth as large freshman class joins program with several notable prospects. 

Assistants: Tyler Colbert, Graham Eaton, Catherine Milledge 

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