Coach Morgan DeShaw: (2nd year, 11-10)

2018 record: 11-10, lost in D2 North first round

Returning starters (11): Brooke O’Donnell, Sr., defense; Dylan Mahoney, Sr., attack; Fiona Jannell, Jr., defense; Lindsey Feeks, Jr., midfield; Lilly Egenberg, Jr., midfield; Emma Sindoni, Jr., attack; Julia Walsh, Jr., attack; Olivia Claire, Soph., goalie; Erin Irons, Soph., attack; Abigail Donahue, Soph., midfield; Bridget Cannata, Soph., defense

Returning lettermen: Emma Monkiewicz, Sr., defense; Nicoletta Ferrara, Soph., attack 

Newcomers: Madison McClung, Jr., defense; Raelee Hartman, Jr. attack/defense; Alex Hughes, Jr., attack; Elle Schneider, Soph., attack/midfield; Casey Mahoney, Frosh., midfield; Lindsey Mills, Frosh., defense

Captains: Brooke O’Donnell, Dylan Mahoney

Candidates: 37 

Returning leaders: Abigail Donahue 39 goals, 20 assists; Lindsey Feeks 44 goals, 14 assists; Erin Irons 28 goals, 14 assists; Lilly Egenberg 29 goals, 11 assists

Returning honorees: Abbie Donahue and Lindsey Feeks, CAL All-Stars

Fast facts: Georgetown is coming off a resurgent season, going 11-10 in coach Morgan DeShaw’s first season to reach the state tournament for the first time since 2011. The Royals had previously fallen into a rut, going 0-18 as recently as 2014.

Assistants: Laura Britton


Coach Catherine Batchelder: (13th year, 128-84)

2018 record: 23-1, lost in D2 state semifinals

Returning starters (6): Katie Hadden, Sr., defense; Ashley McIntire, Sr., midfield; Maggie Pons, Jr., attack; Sami Cavanaugh, Jr., defense; Bridget Lane, Jr., defense; Sam King, Soph., attack

Returning lettermen: Lily Spaulding, Soph., defense; Callie Beauparlant, Soph., attack; Anneliese Truesdale, Soph., midfield; Erin Osinski, Soph., goalie

Newcomers: Kasey Hansen, Sr., defense; Shannon Brennan, Soph., midfield; Maddie Desimio-Maloney, Soph., attack; Laney Lucci, Soph., midfield; Liberty Palermino, Soph., midfield; Lily Troupe, Soph., defense; Audrey Cooper, Frosh., defense; Emily Fuller, Frosh., attack; Isabel Hulse, Frosh., midfield

Captains: Katie Hadden, Ashley McIntyre, Maggie Pons

Candidates: 42 

Returning leaders: Maggie Pons 112 goals, 35 assists; Sam King, 35 goals, 25 assists

Returning honorees: Katie Hadden and Maggie Pons, All-CAL

Fast facts: Newburyport girls lacrosse has gone undefeated in the regular season for two consecutive seasons, winning the Division 2 North championship and reaching the state semifinals both years. ... Maggie Pons is coming off one of the area’s all-time great scoring seasons as a sophomore, tying for the area’s single-season record with 112 goals. ... Pons is committed to Cornell and Katie Hadden is committed to Franklin Pierce.

Assistants: Meredith Tierney, Cyndi Doyle, Beth O’Brien, Nicole Wotton 


Coach Erica Weber: (1st year) 

2018 record: 11-6, lost in D2 North quarterfinals

Returning starters (6): Clara Dore, Sr., midfield; Jacqui Cloutier, Sr., midfield; Sabrina Paolino, Sr., defense; Talia Beech, Jr., defense; Amanda Drislane, Jr., attack; Greta Maurer, Soph., attack

Returning lettermen: Anna Dixon, Sr., defense; Julia Rossi, Jr., attack; Anna Wyner, Jr., defense; Caleigh Beaton, Jr., attack; Maddie Conover, Jr., attack; Liv Reagan, Soph., attack

Newcomers: Erin Flaherty, Soph., goalie; Emily Dornan, Soph., attack; Mackenzie Currie, Soph., attack; Megan White, Soph., defense; Charlene Basque, Frosh., attack; Lana Mickelson, Frosh., midfield

Captains: Clara Dore, Sabrina Paolino, Jacqui Cloutier

Candidates: 43 

Returning leaders: Clara Dore 42 goals, 8 assists; Jacqui Cloutier 26 goals, 24 assists

Returning honorees: Jacqui Cloutier, All-CAL; Clara Dore, CAL All-Star

Fast facts: New coach Erica Weber takes over for Bill Cloutier, who went 20-14 in two seasons as coach. ... Pentucket returns both of its two leading goal scorers from last spring in Clara Dore and Jacqui Cloutier

Assistants: None


Coach Stacey Beaulieu: (13th year, 110-118-1)

2018 record: 5-13, didn’t make tournament

Returning starters (10): Audrey Caron, Sr., attack; Josie Smith, Sr., attack/defense; Erin Drew, Sr., defense; Ashlyn Smith, Sr., goalie; Paige Volpone, Jr., midfield; Gianna Conte, Jr., attack; Erin Power, Jr., attack; Allison Silva, Jr., defense; Kerry Power, Jr., midfield; Jamie Bell, Jr., midfield

Returning lettermen: Anna Behringer, Sr., attack/defense; Juliana Orlandi, Sr., attack/defense; Sarah Burd, Jr., midfield

Newcomers: Olivia Valley, Sr., defense; Elisabeth Lindholm, Sr., defense; Ashley Silva, Frosh., attack/defense; Kathryn Trojan, Frosh., midfield

Captains: TBD

Candidates: 38

Returning leaders: Paige Volpone 39 goals, 8 assists; Gianna Conte 22 goals, 12 assists

Returning honorees: Paige Volpone CAL All-Star

Fast facts: Paige Volpone is committed to the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. ... Erin and Kerry Powers are twins and Allison and Ashley Silva are sisters.

Assistants: Jodi Dolan