Coach Adam Thibodeau: (5th year, 49-25-12)

2018 record: 15-4-4, lost in D4 state semifinals

Returning starters (9): Alli Napoli, Sr., goalie; Meghan McElaney, Sr., defense; Ashlee Porcaro, Sr., defense; Gracie Doherty, Sr., midfield; Alyssa Pettet, Jr., midfield; Avery Hallinan, Soph., defense; McKenna Hallinan, Soph., midfield

Returning lettermen: Beverly Browne, Sr., midfield; Rachel Bucher, Sr., defense; Sophia Carter, Sr., forward; Lily O’Neill, Sr., midfield; Julia Campbell, Jr., goalie; Madelyn DiPietro, Jr., midfield; Ella Marinopolous, Jr., midfield; Sam Pustizzi, Jr., forward; Gabby Smyth, Jr., defense

Newcomers: Mary Kate McElaney, Soph., midfield; Riley Doherty, Soph., midfield; Chloe Molin, Soph., defense; Zena Fitzgerald, Soph., goalie

Captains: Alli Napoli, Meghan McElaney, Ashlee Porcaro

Candidates: 32

Returning goal leaders: Alyssa Pettet 5 goals, 2 assists; McKenna Hallinan 2 goals, 8 assists

Returning honorees: Alli Napoli and Alyssa Pettet All-CAL

Odds and ends: Alyssa Pettet will play Division 1 college soccer at Holy Cross and Alli Napoli is committed to Division 1 Central Connecticut State for basketball. ... Avery and McKenna Hallinan are triplets, their brother Jake plays for the boys soccer team.

Assistants: Candace MacLean, Sarah Luz, Sean Stellmach


Coach Colleen Gibbs: (14th year)

2018 record: 1-14-3, didn’t make tournament

Returning starters (9): Lilly Dionne, Sr., goalie; Erin Irons, Jr., defense; Rylie Lasquade, Jr., midfield; Olivia Nisenbaum, Jr., midfield; Bridget Cannata, Jr., midfield; Riley Smith, Jr., midfield; Talia Geberth, Jr., forward; Rebecca Doucette, Soph., defense; Casey Mahoney, Soph., midfield

Returning lettermen: Elle Schneider, Jr., forward; Taylor White, Jr., defense

Newcomers: Brenna Slomsky, Sr., forward; Toni Nakatsugawa, Sr., midfield; Cassandra Rio, Sr., forward; Lindsay Umenhofer, Sr., defense; Hannah Lamoureaux, Sr., forward; Julia Mabius, Jr., defense; Lauren Bartlett, Soph., forward

Captains: Lilly Dionne, Rylie Lasquade, Erin Irons

Candidates: 36

Returning goal leaders: Erin Irons 3 goals, 1 assist

Returning honorees: Rylie Lasquade CAL All-Star

Odds and ends: Georgetown’s most experienced players were mostly underclassmen on last year’s one-win team. Junior midfielder Rylie Lasquade earned CAL All-Star honors as a sophomore and fellow junior Erin Irons led the team in scoring. With most of the starting lineup back the Royals should be more competitive this fall.

Assistants: Kevin Fair, Courtney Arrigo


Coach Kevin Sheridan: (10th year, 123-34-24)

2018 record: 7-8-3, didn’t make tournament

Returning starters (10): Cricket Good, Sr. forward; Kelsey Soule, Sr., midfield; Olivia Coletti, Sr., forward; Molly Elmore, Sr., midfield; Samantha Cavanaugh, Sr., midfield; Olivia Sullivan, Sr., midfield; Page Cole, Sr., defense; Meaghan O’Leary, Sr., defense; Anneliese Truesdale, Jr., goalie; Izzy Kirby, Soph., defense

Returning lettermen: Norah McElhinney, Jr., midfield; Molly Page, Jr., midfield; Shannon Harrington, Jr., midfield; Matigan DeFeo, Jr., forward; Li McClure, Jr., forward; Sierra Leahy, Jr., defense; Molly Webster, Soph., forward; Katie Gallagher, Soph., defense; Matigan Felts, Soph., midfield

Newcomers: Vilde Sjoeveld, Sr., forward; Liberty Palermino, Jr., forward; Caitlin Rooney, Soph., defense; Deirdre McElhinney, Frosh., midfield; Gabriella Loughran, Frosh., goalie; Isabella Rosa, Frosh., midfield; Anna Affolter, Frosh., midfield

Captains: Molly Elmore, Samantha Cavanaugh, Olivia Sullivan, Page Cole

Candidates: 78

Returning goal leaders: Cricket Good 6 goals, 6 assists

Returning honorees: Molly Elmore All-CAL

Odds and ends: Newburyport boasts a huge group of returning players, including 10 starters from last year’s roster. The Clippers are coming off a disappointing season but look ready to get back into tournament contention. ... Cricket Good is committed to St. Anselm. ... Norah and Deirdre McElhinney are sisters, and Deirdre is a well regarded incoming freshman who has been highly successful on the North Shore club circuit. ... Assistant coach Lilly Donovan was the starting goalie on the undefeated state champion 2013 Newburyport girls soccer team.

Assistants: Lynne Cote, Jason Field, Lilly Donovan


Coach Dan Millard: (3rd year, 13-19-6)

2018 record: 8-8-4, lost in D3 North first round

Returning lettermen: Madi Krohto, Sr., defense; Lucy Powell, Sr., defense; Sage Seymour, Sr., forward; Tess Graham, Sr., forward; Ashlynne Reade, Sr., goalie; Kerstin Cloutier, Sr., defense; Sarah Riter, Sr., midfield; Emily Riter, Sr., midfield; Katelyn Sudbay, Jr., defense; Kinneal Dickens, Jr., defense; Syeira Campbell, Jr., defense; Greta Maurer, Jr., midfield; Jacey Jennings, Jr., midfield; Helen Olson, Jr., midfield; Mackenzie Currie, Jr., forward; Summer Goodwin, Soph., defense; Annabelle Sylvanowicz, Soph., forward

Newcomers: Megan Reading, Jr., midfield; Abby Hurlburt, Jr., forward; Erin Muir, Jr., midfield; Bethany Cloutier, Frosh., midfield; Sabrina Campbell, Frosh., forward; Lia Goodwin, Frosh., defense

Captains: Madi Krohto, Lucy Powell, Sage Seymour, Tess Graham

Candidates: 45

Returning goal leaders: Jacey Jennings 8 goals, 7 assists; Mackenzie Currie 9 goals, 2 assists

Returning honorees: Jacey Jennings CAL All-Star

Odds and ends: Pentucket returns 17 players from last year’s squad, all of whom saw regular minutes and helped lead the program back to the state tournament for the first time since 2011. ... The Sachems return their two primary scorers from 2018 in Jacey Jennings and Mackenzie Currie, as well as promising up and comer Annabelle Sylvanowicz, who emerged as a potent scoring threat as a freshman.

Assistants: Andrew Casey, Marybeth Pichette, Larry Elardo


Coach Dave Ducharme: (2nd year, 5-12-1)

2018 record: 5-12-1, didn’t make tournament

Returning lettermen: Emily Colby, Sr., midfield; Sydney Johnson, Sr., defense; Olivia Ritchie, Sr., midfield; Madison Landry, Jr., defense; Darcie McDonough, Jr., goalie; Gabbie McKendry, Jr., defense; Haley Morland, Jr., defense; Isabelle Reiniger, Jr., forward; Julia Beauvais, Soph., defense; Morgan Hall, Soph., midfield; Alyssa Mullen, Soph., forward

Newcomers: Allie Regnier, Jr., forward; Lilliean Schroeder, Jr., defense; Mauve Heffernan, Soph., midfield; Janet Amasa-Titus, Frosh., forward; Cloe Connors, Frosh., midfield/defense; Caroline Gay-Killeen, Frosh., forward

Captains: Olivia Ritchie, Emily Colby, Darcie McDonough

Returning goal leaders: Emily Colby 6 goals, 1 assist; Alyssa Mullen 4 goals, 1 assist

Returning honorees: Darcie McDonough and Emily Colby CAL All-Stars

Odds and ends: Triton returns its top three scorers from last fall in senior Emily Colby and sophomores Alyssa Mullen and Morgan Hall. ... The Vikings will be looking to regroup after dropping 11 of its last 13 games in 2018 following a hot 4-1 start.

Assistants: Erik Prussman

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